Wear are committed to sustainable and equitable solutions...

Our Mission

We started as a group of engineers looking for power and equity in our consulting. We help projects and companies make consistent and responsible technology. This has been a big year thus far for us; in 2022 we decided to move to a co-op models where GlitterTech is owned and controlled by the staff the runs the GlitterTech. We see our clients as our partners and collaborators.

What We Do

🛹 Design and build rad web applications in React, Vue, Django, Flask and PHP.

🧶 Provide services for non-profits and NGOs.

🦄 We love the Wagtail and Django Community and we give back!

🍔 Progressive Web Applications.
Djangocon Europe 2019 organizer - Dawn Wages, founder, announcing a good friend and excellent speaker to the stage.