My Braintrust

I'm honored to have these brilliant people inform my career. From Diversity and Inclusion, design, accessibility, consulting and code hygiene -- my #team holds me accountable, inspires me and educates me.

Designer Extraordinaire
Voice of Reason
Coach Miguel

Designer Extraordinaire

Samira Gibson (she/her)
Digital Designer
Human centric design, where form meets function

Mira is skateboarder local to philly. When she's not handing out used boards to local black and brown kids, or teaching them how to ride, she creates commissions as a digital artist and designs digital applications for all sorts of industry verticals including but not limited to: ecommerce, federal government, luxury, resort and boutique shopping.

Mira loves Scooby Do and vouches by every scooby franchise up until 2013 where Mystery Inc. is depicted as puppets.

  • Digital Artist.
  • Computer Technology and Visual Design Degree.
  • Loves creative writin and manga.
  • I'm especially honored that Mira is also my life-partner and friend.

Voice of Reason

DeShana Wooden (she/her)
Accessibility Resource Professional,
Diversity and Inclusion, Music

Universal Design approaches to inform curriculums and students success.

DeShana Wooden has always been firmly entrenched in approaching accessible education with practical and interpersonal approaches applied in key areas to facilitate student growth. She uses Universal Design to coach Higher Education professionals, teachers and staff, to meet students needs. Her career in music works hand-in-hand as she speaks to like-minded creatives at the University of the Arts as the Disability Resource Counselor.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Consultant - appointments return 2021.
  • Trained orchestral singer.
  • Writer and award-winning poet.
  • Excellent baker.

Coach Miguel

Erika Miguel (they/them)
Senior Software Engineer
Full Stack engineer, Web Platform Consultant, Team Lead and Accessibility Engineer

Erika is an engineer that prides themselves on beautiful, production-ready code. Currently a web platform consultant, Erika has spearheaded projects that aim to revolutionize the way web users interact with assistive technology and the way assistive technology informs how we build the web. Their strengths lies in their T-shaped skill set, going deep on functional programming and DevOps, while maintaining the necessary acumen to be a jack of all trades in systems architecture and diving into new, bleeding-edge tools.

  • Systems Architecture.
  • Full Stack Engineer graduated from Smith College
  • Motivated by cool problems and social impact.
  • Cook, rock climber and musician.

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” — Amy Poehler
A picture of us together, probably on wheels doing something in Philadelphia.